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Better than Cocaine christopher r inwood
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Christopher R. Inwood is a realistic self-taught artist based in Ipswich who extracts and records concepts and imagery from his personal experiences, the scientific frontier, the metaphysical, art history, and the digital world.

Inwood has exhibited across Australia at galleries, art spaces, and festivals including UQ Art Museum, Queensland State Library, Brisbane Power House, Caloundra Regional Gallery, Brisbane Square Library, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Brisbane Street Art Festival and has been a finalist in the Brisbane Portrait Prize x 2, the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, the Percival Portrait Painting Prize, the Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artists Award, Melt Portrait Prize x 3, BAM Art Prize, Morris Art Prize and feature artist at the Brisbane Grammar Art Show. Inwood refined his understanding of art and its histories at The University of Queensland studying Art History (2016-18). 

Sixth solo Exhibition - Chronocentric Sonder

In this collection of deeply ancient imagery, Inwood’s signature realism is pushed to new heights as he struggles with our species' past and the lessons our ancestors have been screaming to us, in hope that we, their descendants take heed of their own hard learnt lessons.


Here, the language of our ancestors, myth, and metaphor, is pulled back into the present for us as we examine the fundamentals in contemporary society. Inwood invites the audiences to remember our past so we can once again understand our ancestors' lessons. 

Fifth solo Exhibition - Black Colour White

Inwood’s multi-faceted exhibition blends exquisite portraiture with experiential lighting which throws the audience into a sensory deprivation tank that will shock and delight. 

Featuring the artist’s signature contemporary realism, this highly engaging exhibition is a breathtaking combination of portrait and playful illusion, that shift and change before your very eyes. Step inside the artists mind and experience the thrill of disbelief as things that you thought were black and white, bloom in riotous colour before your very eyes. 

Black Colour White comes to The Ferryman’s hut Friday 23 October­-Sunday 01 November 2020.

Fourth Solo Exhibition - SUPERNORMAL STIMULI

Inwood’s fourth solo exhibition SUPERNORMAL STIMULI thoughtfully describes the role that enhanced stimulus has played on our collective development as a species, and presents how this has been expressed through culture. Inwood is captivated by the physical and visual stimulants - that when accentuated and amplified - trigger our primitive biological responses in a heightened manner. When Supernormal Stimuli appear in combination, they can elevate our primitive response into heightened ecstatic states, and Inwood has boldly pioneered this experience for the viewer in his exhibition SUPERNORMAL STIMULI at The Third Quarter Gallery.

Third Solo Exhibition - Be Public In The Now

His third solo exhibition Be Public In The Now, displayed at the Brisbane Square Library. Each of the 17 paintings are painted MEMEs depicting a concept taken from Inwood’s interests in science, art history, philosophy, the digital world, and his personal observations. He has used digital aesthetics and the simple composition of the MEME to communicate these complex ideas through visual language. This style of painting allows direct communication, in contrast to the art of today that is often steeped in convolution and ambiguity, which fails to communicate an intended message with the audience.

Second Solo Exhibition - VOYEUR

Through his 2016 VOYEURcollection, Inwood examined personal relationships in an attempt to expose the fundamental reality of human experience, revealing the idealisation of third party voyeurism that is characteristic of contemporary western society. VOYEUR provided a unique experience into the portraiture of digital realism. The exhibition was embodied through a collection that comprises visual and auditory digital mediums as well as Inwood’s distinguished oil paintings. Voyeur invites you to experience the personal reality of the artist’s interaction with the interior, exterior and digital worlds.

First Solo Exhibition - LIFE.IS.2013 

In 2013 he had his first solo exhibition titled LIFE.IS.2013. Rather than a psychological study of the subjects, Inwood’s work was a study of portraiture – specifically, the subjective relationship between the sitter and the artist. Portraiture is the image of the relationship between the subject's performance to the artist, the artist’s impression of the figure and the viewer's perception of this relationship. The LIFE.IS.2013 collection opened out a voyeuristic relationship in portraiture, which is interpreted by the viewer, perceived by the artist and existing in the sitter.

Inwood also currently writes for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine check out some of his writing here.

*VOYEUR: “a person who likes seeing and talking or writing about something that is considered to be private”

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2022 - Finalist - Percival Portrait Painting Prize

2021 - Finalist - Bluethumb Art prize 2021

2021 - Highly Commended - Melt Portrait Prize (painting)

2021 - Highly Commended - The Art Edit Self-represented Artist Award

2020 - Finalist - Brisbane Portrait Prize

2020 - Finalist - Sunshine Coast Art Prize

2020 - Finalist - Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award

2020 - Finalist - Percival Portrait Painting Prize

2019 - Finalist - Brisbane Portrait Prize

2019 - Finalist - Melt Portrait Prize

2018 - Finalist - BAM Art Prize 2018

2018 - Finalist - Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artists Award Exhibition

2018 - Finalist - Melt Portrait Prize

2018 - Finalist - The Morris Art Prize

2016 - 2nd & 3rd place in the 2D category 

            Nudgee College Art Festival - Margaret Campbell-Ryder

2016 - Curtators Choice

            Downlands College Art Exhibition - Evan Hollis




2021 - Solo Exhibition - Chronocentric Sonder - The Ferryman's Hut

2020 - Solo Exhibition - BLACK COLOUR WHITE - The Ferryman's Hut

2019 - Solo Exhibition - SUPERNORMAL STIMULI - The Third Quarter

2017 - Solo Exhibition - Be Public In The Now - The Brisbane Square Library

2016 - Solo Exhibition - VOYEUR - Jugglers Art Space Inc

2013 - Solo Exhibition - LIFE.IS.2013 - Bird Gallery and Studio


2021 - Group Show - INCOGNITO 

2021 - Group Show - Brisbane Street Art Festival - Within These Walls -                                               Superordinary 

2021 - Group Show - Brisbane Street Art Festival - FELONS X BSAF PARTY - Felons                                 Barrel Hall

2021 - Group Show - FACET - Cool Art Gallery 

2019 - Group Show - Brisbane Portrait Prize - Brisbane Power House 

2019 - Group Show - Downlands Art Show

2019 - Group Show - Melt Portrait PrizeBrisbane Power House

2019 - Group Show - Brisbane Street Art Festival - Within These Walls -

                               West Village

2018 - Group Show - BAM Art Prize - Thomgallery

2018 - Group Show - Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artists Award Exhibition                                     - Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

2018 - Group Show - Downlands College Art Exhibition

2018 - Feature Artist - Brisbane Grammar School Art Show 

2018 - Group Show - Melt Portrait PrizeBrisbane Power House

2018 - Group Show - Brisbane Street Art Festival - Within These Walls -                                               Brisbane Power House

2018 - Group Show - The Morris Art Prize

2017 - Group Show - Downlands College Art Exhibition

2017 - Group Show - Evolve - Brisbane Grammar School Art Show

2017 - Permanent collection - Little Tokyo Two

2016 - Group Show - RAW showcase Verve - The Met

2016 - Group Show - Downlands College Art Exhibition

2016 - Group Show - Nudgee College Art Festival

2016 - Group Show - Brisbane Grammar School Art Show

2016 - Group show - Peace and Quite Exhibition - Queensland State Library

2016 - Permanent Collection - Little Tokyo Two

2015 - Group show - Brisbane Grammar School Art Show

2015 - Permanent Collection - Little Tokyo Two 

2014 - Group show - Society of Fine Arts UQ silent auction

                              University of Queensland Art Museum

2014 - Group show - Oh, You Pretty Things - Bird Gallery and Studio

2014 - Group show - Brisbane Grammar Art Show

2014 - Group show - RAW Showcase Awakening - The Arena

2013 - Group show - Society of Fine Arts UQ silent auction

                              White Canvas Gallery

2011 - Group show - Hearts of Gold [8] - Bleeding Hearts Cafe and Gallery



2016 - 2018 - Art History BA Arts, University of Queensland

2007 - Brisbane Grammar School

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