Art Exhibition tittle | BLACK COLOUR WHITE 

By Christopher R. Inwood

Come and see the world anew. That is what artist Christopher Inwood asks his audience in his latest exhibition, Black Colour White, opening at The Ferryman’s Hut Friday 23 October.  A 2019/20 Brisbane Portrait Prize finalist, Inwood combines classical technique with contemporary mediums like laser cutting and spray paint to achieve lustrous and haunting results.

In this collection of deeply personal work, Inwood’s signature realism is pushed to new heights in a graphic memoir where childhood fantasy straddles explicit vice.  

Here, Idolatry and idyllic childhood memories are punctuated with flashes of trauma in an experiential exhibition that invites the audience to experience the thrill of disbelief. 

“I wanted to create something that felt cinematic” says Inwood, “something that would generate discussion and encourage people to question what they thought they knew.” 

With the aid of low-pressure sodium lights – a gas-discharge lamp that deprives colour vision and throws the room into a sepia hued, sensory deprivation tank, Inwood offers two distinctly different experiences of his work.

At first, a monochromatic exploration of detail, form and technique. Then suddenly a brief flash of light is thrown upon the work, and it blooms with riotous pigments of Yves Klein blue, bubble gum pink, terracotta, and moss. 

Like the shadow of a recollection that, with a smell, a touch, the sound of a voice, suddenly floods your senses with colourful detail, this interactive exhibition reminds the audience that memory is dynamic and nothing is ever what it seems. 

Black Colour White comes to The Ferryman’s hut Friday 23 October­-Sunday 01 November 2020. 



Location | The Ferryman’s Hut |29 Macquarie Street, Teneriffe


23 OCTOBER - 01 NOVEMBER  2020 

Open hours | 7am – 8pm


OPENING NIGHT | 24thOctober 6-11pm


Pre-sale | 12thOctober


Website |

Instagram | @christopherrinwood

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