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oil, pigment, charcoal, canvas
121cm w x 152cm h
by Christopher R. Inwood
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You instantly recognise a few faces looking out at you, some Kardashians, a Beiber, a Swift maybe. But the image is confusing. It’s a jumble of collaged images. Straight lines cut through their image, and the digital hallmarks are unmistakable in its competitive composition.

This is pop culture.

This is the evolution of the term ‘pop culture’ and a satirical look at the mass culture’s development. The image is composed of the 10 most followed Instagram accounts. They have been collaged in order based on their numbers of followers, and this image is made from their posts. Each celebrity has been arranged as through they are jostling for a position in order to gain your attention, cutting in front of those that have lost in the popularity contest of life. At the top, the queen of the pile, is Beyoncé. The painting takes a look at the absurdity of pop culture, and the way its audience feverishly watches the lives of celebrities as they compete for your attention. The celebrities are fed by their audience, and generate a vacuous entertainment for the masses that perpetuates a disposable and hostile way of coexisting with each other. Through their own medium, they each display to their audience excessive life styles, superficial existences, and generally vacuous moral constructs.  Such constructs and existences are idolised by their viewers, and adopted into the individual narratives of the general population.

This is our culture. 


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