oil, pigment, charcoal, canvas
2 x (121cm w x 152cm h)
subject - Cate Meehan
by Christopher R. Inwood

WHAT the artist writes

WHAT the artist says




A few bright brush strokes stand out against the black. The painting seems absent of content. But if you shift your angle, scratched into existence, the light reveals a face that delicately rests on the canvas in charcoal dust. Her fragility is apparent.

Black Is The Ultimate… Black Eclipses Everything is taken from the Australian Novel ‘He Died with a Falafel in his Hand’ and it has been re-appropriated as an apt description of a foundation fundamental to Inwood’s personal philosophy. This foundation is represented in his artwork and day-to-day life through the prevalent use of the colour black. Black is used as the background of each of his painting and is fundamental in the identification of his work. To Inwood, black represents the visual space in which he thinks, and also expresses the background of inevitable finality that is fundamental to all. Simply put, this philosophy encompasses the reality that there is an unknowable nothing beyond the vale of death. Each of us and our species will die, and even if we survive ourselves, the earth will eventually be unable to sustain life. If our species makes it to Mars to terrafrom, our sun will burn out taking with it the heat in our corner of the universe. If we make it beyond our solar system the nearby stars they too will eventually extinguish and so too will the entirety of the universe as it slowly freezes and turns to black. No matter what we put in place to extend our time in our collective sensory existence, it is temporary and nothing we can do will reach beyond the black. The notion is fundamental and should be understood as the foundation of our collective sensory existence.

Embrace the black, revel in what time we have, share in the amazing thing that it is to exist.


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