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Ipswich is hosting a FREE artwork treasure hunt! Local artist Christopher R. Inwood has painted 20 physical artworks, and they will be placed in various locations across the city over the next two weeks (from 04 – 17 October 2021). If you find one of the artworks, it’s yours to keep! There will be between 1 and 3 artworks up for grabs daily, and each day the artwork locations will be posted on Inwood’s Instagram page @christopherrinwood .


The free artwork treasure hunt is titled ‘Giving Hope is Everything’, and is presented by local artist CHRISTOPHER R. INWOOD. The project has been funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), which is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Ipswich City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. Inwood has created 20 artworks that will focus on and examine the nature of ‘Hope’, however, the project overall is delivered as a fun activity for the audience, something light and colourful, with a potential reward.


Christopher R. Inwood is a realistic self-taught artist based in Ipswich who extracts and records concepts and imagery from his personal experiences, the scientific frontier, the metaphysical, art history, and the digital world.

Inwood has exhibited across Australia at galleries, art spaces, and festivals including UQ Art Museum, Queensland State Library, Brisbane Power House, Caloundra Regional Gallery, Brisbane Square Library and Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. He has also been a finalist in numerous art prizes, the most notable of which are the Brisbane Portrait Prize (2019/2020), the Sunshine Coast Art Prize (2020), the Percival Portrait Painting Prize (2020) and the Toowoomba Biennial Emerging Artists Award (2018). 


The project ‘Giving Hope is Everything’ aims to engage with, and encourage participation within the local community, while also making visual art accessible to all. This project also leads into Inwood’s sixth solo exhibition titled Chronocentric Sonder, which will be on display at the Ferryman’s Hut in Teneriffe from 22 – 31 October.


For more information on the upcoming exhibition, head to


The following images show the 20 free artworks that were available across Ipswich from 04 - 20 October.

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