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Heres the proposal Cate and I put together for the Pop Gallery in Woolloongabba as apart of the Queensland Collage of Art Griffith program for next year. We won't find out if the proposal is approved until 21 of October but here it is, because I think its a really cool idea. And I really hope it gets approved!!!!


The ‘Institution of gold’ is the collaboration between the Artist Christopher R. Inwood and Graduate Architect Cate Meehan. They have combined their talents to create a unique exhibition that visually appeals to the contemporary art world that focuses on the power structure within the world and the world of art. The contemporary visual appeal draws from the exhibitions ability of sceptical, commonly used by institutions such as GOMA, MOMA and the TATE Modern and contemporary artist such as Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Takashi Murakami, to draw attention to the works of art and world within which we live. The sceptical will transform Pop gallery into a ‘shrine’, conversational pivot and experience for the viewer and institution. This conversation upon institution will be activated by turning the interior of the gallery into a visual representation of its role and power within art. This opulent spectacle will be complimented by the blacker reality of the relationships, societal convention, and traditional artwork discussed in paintings hung throughout the gallery. ‘Institution of gold’ will allow the spectacle of the installation to draw a wider attention to the darker realities of existence depicted through direct images and commentary of our contemporaneity. The installation draws from the visual imagery of Buddhist Thai sculptures covers in gold leaf that have been built up over decades, as worshipers individual apply gold leaf to them. In much the same way the endless line of curators, artist and collector have added their ‘worship’ to the collective art ‘religion’. This textural finish transferred to the institution will create a space that is in cased in gold, reminiscent of the religious worship. The density of gold will be compositionally contrasted with large Black portraits that directly approach topics that are often left under the table by institutions.


The exhibition will transform Pop Gallery as it takes on a density of gold never seen before, made to create a spectacle. The walls and roof of Pop Gallery will be lined with the shimmering, texturally rich, and dense gold leaf finish. Within this cacophonous gold space large black portraits will be hung on the walls of the space. These portraits interact with the darker realities and nature of relationships, our voyeuristic society and the progression of art. By including these paintings into this space, the dependence that artists have on institutions religious like following, power, and influence will be highlighted. This will be achieved by fixing panels of cladding to the interior wall of the gallery (these will be removable). Several layers of gold leaf will be applied to these removable panels. This transformed space will then he hung with between 15-20 paintings by Inwood. After the completion of the exhibition at Pop Gallery the gold panels will be removed and re-installed into a public space in inner city Brisbane (currently under discussion with local council members). This second stage of the exhibition allows the work to break free from the institution and enhance space for the public, away from the constraints of institution and allows the instillation to be culturally neutral.


This exhibition will allow the development of both Cate and Christopher as it will further their abilities and focus on a highly detailed installation, across a large scale. This exhibition will develop the practical application of bringing concepts into fruition.

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